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 Clinic Details

Dates: Monday, July 31 thru Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day
Cost: $225 for all 3 days (lunch is provided)


Mini Scholarship Tournament on Day 3!


Gary Yamasaki, Facilitator

From his time as a youth bowler all the way through the professional ranks, Gary leans quite a bit on his actual competitive experience when speaking at these clinics. 

Besides his bowling experience, Gary has an educational background in psychology with a Master of Arts degree in General Psychology. Combined with his actual live experience, his educational background helps give him a unique perspective of both the physical and mental aspects of bowling. 

Awards and Titles: PBA NW Regional Champion, OBA Champion, Portland Masters Champion, Greater Portland USBC Hall of Fame, Oregon State USBC Hall of Fame, Tournament Director OJCTA 


If you have any questions, please use the form below to contact Gary directly.

Meet the Coaches

Chris Burnett, Coach

Chris is one of the top coaches in our area. Sporting credentials as a USBC Silver Certified Coach, Chris has also been named on one of Bowler’s Journal magazine Top 100 Coaches lists. 

As well as his coaching, Chris is well immersed in the bowling industry working as a pro shop operator and is also currently a sales rep for Dexter Shoes. Chris is also a member of the Columbia 300 staff. 

Having done numerous clinics and lessons around the state, Chris brings that experience working with all levels of bowlers to this clinic. 

Awards and honors: Bowler’s Journal magazine Top 100 Coaches 

Mick McMahon, Coach

Mick really needs no introduction as he has been one of the leading coaches in our area for a number of years. Having worked with bowlers from the youngest in our sport to those that compete at the highest levels, Mick has helped so many with his coaching skills. 

While coaching all ages and levels, it is probably with the youth that Mick has made his greatest impact. The “R” Kids league that Mick founded and ran was a staple of the high-end youth bowling scene in our area for many years. Bowlers today that went through the “R” Kids program still revel in the time spent with Mick and the “R” Kids. There is a saying about coaches, “A good coach can impact a game, a great coach can impact a life.” Mick has certainly made an impact on the lives of so many bowlers in our area. 

Special Guests

Rich Corwin, Special Guest

Rich is currently enjoying a renaissance to his bowling career. After some time off, Rich has come back with a vengeance capturing four PBA50 Regional titles as well as the PBA50 NW Region Player of the Year in 2022. Rich isn’t a stranger to high end competition as he also has multiple OBA titles as well highlighted when he and doubles partner Gary Yamasaki, successfully defended their OBA doubles title not once but twice winning the same event in three consecutive years. 

In his early years, Rich spent time across the country attending one of the premier college programs at the time, Erie Community College, in New York state. From that time, as well as his competitive years up to his current dominant run in the PBA50 regional program, Rich understands the challenges and obstacles that bowlers face and how to overcome these challenges. Rich brings that strong competitive experience with him to these clinics. 

Awards and Titles: 4-time PBA50 Regional Champion, 2022 PBA50 NW Regional Player of the Year, OBA Champion, multiple Oregon State USBC Open Championship titles, Staff member DV8 Bowling, Turbo Grips, and Genesis 

Ashton Yamasaki, Special Guest

Ashton is one of the bright young stars in bowling. Using a powerful two-handed delivery, Ashton has used that style to vault to the top of the youth bowling scene. Having multiple youth titles in the Pacific Northwest as well as multiple wins in the national Storm Youth Championships (SYC) series, Ashton has led a recent wave of strong youth bowling coming out of the Northwest. 

While really just starting out on his bowling journey, Ashton has already accumulated a wealth of experience that he is willing to share with us at these clinics. It’s not easy for us adults to remember what it was like to be young and the challenges that go along with being a youth, but Ashton is there right now and can share with us those experience to not only help his fellow young bowlers, but also help those of us further removed from that age to remember and maybe reignite the fires we once had in our younger years. 

Ashton, as well as talented athletically is a student of the game as well. Studying all aspects of the game from lane play to ball layouts to learning the importance of a strong mental game, Ashton relies on more than his natural ability and understands the work needed to keep his game at a top level. 

Awards and Titles: Winningest OJC bowler, multiple JBT titles, multiple SYC titles including being named 

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    • FINISH  500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
    • WEIGHT  16-12 lbs.
    • HOOK  320
    • LENGTH  130
    • PERFORMANCE  Strong overall hook
    • LANE CONDITION  Medium to heavy oil
    • BALL MAINTENANCE  To reduce oil absorption and remove dirt from the surface of the ball, clean your ball with Ultimate Black Magic Rejuvenator immediately after each session.
    • WARRANTY  Two years from purchase date
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