Terms & Conditions

By using our website, online booking system or facilities, you agree to Superplay’s following term’s and conditions.


Bowling shoes must be worn while bowling. Only one ball can be thrown on a lane at a time. You acknowledge that there are inherent risks in the participation in Bowling. You should consider this participation an exercise in good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the facility. To reduce risk of injury, do not cross the foul line or step on the lanes themselves. Keep your hands and objects away from the ball return opening at all times. Any spillage of food or drink must be reported to a staff member immediately.



All players must obey staff instructions while in the arena. Do not run in the arena. You acknowledge that there are inherent risks in the participation in Laser Tag activities.




Your arrival time is 15 minutes prior to the time of your bowling reservation. Everyone who is bowling needs to arrive at the center in order to check-in and change their shoes.



The full payment is required at time of booking (with the exception of parties & group events). Parties  and Group Events require deposit at time of booking and remaining payment the day of the event.



You will be responsible for paying for all lanes reserved, even if they are unused, unless you cancel the reservation 24 hours (or more) before your reservation. Booking fees are non-refundable, and all cancellation and refund requests must be in writing to sales@superplayor.com or submit online using the Request Form.  Be aware it can take up to 5 days for your bank to receive the funds. 



No food or beverages may be brought onto the premises without express written consent from the management. Anyone who violates this policy will be charged a fee, and the item or items will be removed.



Your image may be taken at any time for security purposes or for use in marketing materials. You authorize the use of your image for these purposes.



It is very important that you are on time as your party table time is limited to 2.5 hours from your reservation. Please refer to your check-in time on your itinerary.

To book a party, a deposit is required, with $25 of the deposit being non-refundable. The deposit amount will vary based on the package you choose.

The participant count will be locked-in 24 hours before your party. You will not be able to lower the number of participants and will be responsible for paying for all spots reserved.   

We do our best to accommodate seating for your non-participating guests; however, additional seating is not guaranteed. If you reserve more seating than you have guests, the extra tables and chairs will be given to other Superplay guests. If your non-participating guests end up participating in bowling or laser tag, additional charges will be added to your party total.

Your party may be playing with other guests unless your group is large enough to use all 24 spaces. If you would like to upgrade to exclusive games, please request a quote at Sales@superplayor.com

The lanes that come standard with the package are for the party participants only. We purposely try to only have four bowlers per lane, even though normally six is allowed. This is to ensure the party participants have a good experience. There will be an additional charge of $14.50 for non-participants that bowl on the participants lanes.

When you purchase a party package, you are allowed to bring one dessert item (cake, cupcakes, donuts or cookies). No other food or beverages may be brought onto the premises. Any party who violates this policy, may be charged up to $250.

The amount owed is calculated based on your selections. Any additional guests (including guests listed as non-participating that end up participating), games, food/drink, or other purchases beyond what is listed on your confirmation form will be added to the total and due at the time of the party or event. If there is an unpaid balance due following the completion of your party, it may be charged to the same card used for the deposit unless you have otherwise paid.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice, prior to your reserved time, in order to receive a refund. Booking fees are not refundable. All requests must be made in writing. Email your request to sales@superplayor.com. 

We are located at 9300 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. in Beaverton, Oregon