• An Oregon Grand Prix / SMART Scholarship Tournament.
  • Cost: $20 per tournament (4 games)
  • Participants who bowled at least four out of the 8 tournaments in the 2022/2023 season but have not cashed, you will receive a $100 scholarship.
  • $300 Paid per scratch 300 game bowled in the series.

Division & Averages


170 +







Tournament Results

TIMES: 9 & 11 AM


March 12

April 16


Tournament Rules

  1. USBC rules will govern all Bowling, and must be a USBC member to participate.
  2. Entries Submitted ONLINE will be accepted before all others. Online Entries must be in at least 18 hours before Squad one of each series event.
  3. Cost per event is $20.00. Cash or check only. Please make checks payable to SuperPlay. $2500.00 Prize Fund will be paid out over all four divisions. Proportionate to the entries. 1-3 bowlers will win scholarship money. If less than 3 entries are bowling in any division then the winner of that division shall receive $100.00 All Prizes will be determined by Tournament Director.
  4. Except for October 9th, 2022, which will start at 1:00 PM, Squad One will begin at 9:00 AM with 10 minutes warm up prior to starting time. Squad Two will be used for re-entry only, and will begin approximately at 11:00 AM or as close to it as we can, with 10 minutes warm up. We will have a maximum of 3 bowlers per lane or 72 bowlers. The cost for re-entry will be $20.00. Bowlers will be allowed to only win one scholarship award at each series event.
  5. Entering average will be the highest of the following: (1) the players highest USBC book average for the last two years, (2) last season tournament average for the players last 8 games, (3) their current average for 21 games (Please bring a current league standing sheet if available) or (4) if no average then 200 for their first eight tournament games. Disqualification may result from submitting an incorrect average. After 8 games of tournament series play each player will have a tournament average which will update after each tournament.
  6. All scores will be final after being verified by tournament staff.
  7. All winnings will be deposited to your home Grand Prix / SMART Bowling Center.