Leagues & Clubs

When it comes to leagues, Superplay has something for everyone. We have sanctioned competitive leagues, sanctioned leagues that are just for fun, and clubs. 

Bogey & Bowl

We will open this to two groups of sixteen teams, alternating between bowling and golf. 

At the end of each week you can get a free pitcher of beer, or pizza. *Valid only at Superplay at following each weeks club.

Golf will tee off at 6 pm, and scramble at Red Tail Golf course. 9 points match play each night for bowling and golf. Handicap will be based on 90 % of 220, and golf handicap will be adjusted as you turn in your scores. Scorecards must be turned in weekly.

The per person price is 1 full payment of $300 or a Weekly autopay of $25 per person. Prize fund on last night, no charge to bowl.

We will meet on May 10th at 6 pm at Superplay prior to the club starting.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:00 PM
Teams: Two Person Teams
#Weeks: 15
Cost: $21.50 per person, per week


Absolute Fun!

We will convert your bowling score into poker, basketball and golf points. Bowl for 13 weeks, and last week is free for fun and prizes! If you need help putting together a team, let us know in the comment area when you sign up. Starts May 18th, see all rules below.

Club meeting May 18th at 6:00 pm.

Day: Thursday
Time: 6:30 PM
Teams: Mixed-4, handicapped 90% of 220, 5 points per night
#Weeks: 14
Cost: $15 per person, per week

Club Rules

Your average will be established after 3 games. Kids under 10 years old can use bumpers. Handicap will be based on 90% of 220.

Poker Rules (First 4 weeks)

    1. Spare – 1 card
    2. Strike – 1 card
    3. 2 strikes in a row – 2 cards
    4. All made splits – 2 cards
  • Maximum 5 cards in hand from 1 frame to another. You may draw your earned cards, but can only keep 5.
  • People with four cards or less will be allowed to keep two, all remainder cards will be shuffled and flipped, to turn those into Texas Holdem.  Cards declare winner, so if you don’t know how to  play, everyone will help, and determine the winner of each game.  
  • If a kid does not have at least two cards in the hand, cards will be given to them.

There will be a winner per group, per pair of lanes with prizes TBD.

Basketball Rules 

    1. Spare – 2 points
    2. Strike – 3 points
    3. Made splits – 3 points
  • Each person will give 10% of their handicap to the total points. Handicap will be rounded down to nearest point. 
  • Three strikes in a row = 1 additional point. After three strikes, the count starts over
  • Two splits in a row = 1 additional point

Golf Rules 

You will be given a card with par for each hole, and a total for the round.

    1. Spare is par
    2. Strike is Birdie is -1 from par
    3. Three strikes in a row is -2 from par. After three strikes, the count starts over.
    4. Open is Bogey (bogey is how many pins you leave on the deck  and will determine how many strokes above par). Example – leaving 2 pins will be par Plus 2 strokes. Leaving 5 pins will be par PLUS 5 strokes.
    5. Splits made is birdie score (-1)
  • Bowling handicap will be 10% will be minus from score to give you total. 
  • Your score will be based on first 9 frames only, 10th frame will not count.
  • Handicap will be rounded to lowest point

Last night we will have awards, and bowl 9 pin NO TAP – DON’T MISS OUT!


Enjoy three games of 9 pin no tap every Thursday at noon. Starting May 25th.

Day: Thursday
Time: 12 PM
Teams: Singles
#Weeks: 15
Cost: $3 per person, per game

Average Joes

This sanctioned league is all about having fun! Starts June 5th, 2023 and will run for 12 weeks followed by a 9 pin no tap tournament.  July 3rd will be a state qualifier for the tournament. League bowlers can enter the tournament for $22, non-league bowlers will be $29. Must have a sanctioned or qualifying average to participate. If you need help putting together a team, let us know in the comment area when you sign up.

League meeting June 5th at 6:00 pm

Day: Monday
Time: 6:30 PM
Teams: Mixed-4, handicapped 90% of 220, 5 points per night
Cost: $18.00 per person, per week

Tournament Info

About the Tournament

9 pin no tap means you that you receive a STRIKE when you knock down nine pins with your first ball. All other scoring is regulation.

In tenpin bowling, a ”tap” describes a near perfect delivery that looks like it could be a strike, but one pin remains standing. Bowling “no tap” is a scoring variant on regulation tenpins, where a bowler felling nine on the first ball, is credited with a strike.

You will be credited with a handicap which is 90% of 220. Example: 170 average would have the difference of 50 pins, so they would receive 45 pins per game additional, or a total of 135 pins for the 3 games.

To qualify you must have a sanctioned average within 2 yrs of 21 games or more, or a certified approved average of 21 games or more, to participate in this tournament. 

Ball & Brew

This club is for anyone who wants to hang with friends and have a good time! Anyone who pays for the full-season will receive their choice of a new ball, bag, or jersey. If you need help putting together a team, let us know in the comment area when you sign up. Starting May 17th.

Club meeting May 17th at 6:00 pm

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:30 PM
Teams: Mixed-4, handicapped 90% of 220, 5 points per night
#Weeks: 14
Cost: $18 per person, per week

If you pay for the league in full at the beginning of the season, we will do our best to get your item before the summer ends.  We will order when we have other items to order, so please be patient. We will let you know when it has been delivered. 

Sports Shot

Improve your game by learning various oil patterns. Our Flex oiling machine has 12 different sports shot settings, and you’ll see how each changes the reaction.  One of the shots will be the 2023 long oil masters pattern. We will have four patterns during the 12 weeks of bowling. People who haven’t experienced these shots will learn which equipment is best suited, and how to play each pattern. Starts May 23rd.

League meeting May 23rd at 6:00 pm

Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 PM

#Weeks: 13
Cost: $20 per person, per week